You are tired of your perfume collection with sexy, seductive scents, … You want to add another special perfume to your perfume collection. Then Dubai Essential Oil of Sweet Oudh Ajmal is the most suitable choice to refresh your perfume collection.


Capacity: 12 ml
Olfactive Group: Fruity notes, oriental floral scent, pungent aroma of blush
Aromatic characteristics: Soft, gentle aroma of an instant incense, peru, tolu balu. Bergamot’s sweet, floral scent of Iris, violet, vanilla, rose, some musk and some notes of amber and oak moss.
Style: Gentle, sweet, cheerful, optimistic
Feel: Sweet Oud always functions the coolness, elegance of the natural fragrance. Sweet Oud from the name has opened a visit in the sweet country, where only the whole thing is beautiful, gentle but a bit classic, nostalgic.
Usage: Every time just use 1-2 drops on the wrist and rub 2 wrists, rub a little behind the ear