GOLDEN OUDY – AJMAL ANGEL CONCENTRATED PARFUMS One thing that has been determined in the first place is that the perfume you choose will react exactly to who you are, so let your personality help you complete the selection of a strong scent.


Golden oudy A Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women and men. The aroma of wild wood is warm with a bit of sweet flower fragrance, creating a personality scent.

Capacity: 12ml Features: A cool, warm scent for boys and girls who love personality

Ingredients: Floral scent, woody, amber aroma

How to use: Each time just use a small drop on the wrist and rub 2 wrists, rub a little behind the ear

—————- ❌ CONCLUSION —————-

Concentrated perfume essence contains absolutely no alcohol, no skin irritation 100% Dubai imports.