The refreshing scent of lavender embedded in the nectarines adds a bit of warmth of rosewood, also known as the harpwood, a few more orchids and a little spicy patchouli, a little passionate but great spread for These girls like gentle, delicate but still no less attractive.

The smell of ripe orange with a refreshing, harmonious, sweetness of vanille is the heart of this charming perfume bottle. Very impressive start with the fragrant jasmine scent, a bit of water coolness.

The end is ambergris cage in amber Classic ladies who love sincere rusticism, will love this perfume bottle. Any choice is their favorite. Good grip is good in the price segment too love.

Somewhat reminiscent of the famous Alien scent of Thierry Muggle

Capacity: 10ml
Features: The scent blends fruit and musk notes
Base notes: Floral scent, Aroma of wood, Fruity notes, Ambergris
How to use: Every time just use 1-2 drops on the wrist and rub 2 wrists, rub a little behind the ear