Fancy Limited 23 – Dubai Fancy perfume Oils

Admin 20/06/2021

Fancy Limited 23 – Dubai Fancy perfume Oils

Product Description

Fancy Limited 23 – Dubai Fancy perfume Oils


  • Unlimited number of samples from medium to high end.
  • The most competitive prices in the market, especially many promotions with the program (giving products of natural origin). Excellent delivery of fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods Commitment is not simply a commitment, a commitment of compensation (to protect the interests of customers).
  • The enclosed gift items MUST be workable items (not allowed to SHORT-TERM)

Perfume oil is one of the famous perfume brands of the country #Dubai, is produced 100% pure from natural aromas and is currently extremely popular in Vietnam and the world market because of its many advantages. What is the superiority compared to ordinary perfume in terms of price, quality and product form, extremely luxurious and upmarket.? ? The formula to create a regular perfume is: Perfume = Distilled water + Alcohol + Essential oil

And the formula to create Dubai essential oil is: Perfume essential oil = Distilled water + Essential oil. Because there is no # ALCOHOL, perfume essential oil is in its concentrated concentrate form, keeps the smell very long and does not cause Side effects when using should be for all subjects including children.


?SAVE: Just use from 1 to 2 drops to save the fragrance all day.

?USE A LOT OF PURPOSE: In addition to body fragrance, perfume essential oil is also used in closets, cars, bedrooms, handkerchiefs, bags and wherever you want, with a long-lasting fragrance.

?USINGJust like with ordinary perfume, you can dab on areas that are easy to smell like the wrist, the sides behind the ears, in front of the neck … With Dubai essential oil, there are 2 types: White essential oil and yellow essential oil, used in the form of dots, very chic and upstream.